Get ready to master the most important topics you need to know to PASS the National Boards, build your confidence instantly and be 100% prepared for the big day (without burning out)

If you want to find out what the most intelligent way to prepare for the National Boards is, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it on this page

Is this you?

✅ You're taking the NDHCE® soon and you’re starting to feel anxious. Some topics are very confusing or difficult to understand. You need guidance. 

You’re losing your focus. You’re not sure what parts of each subject you should focus on or what’s going to be covered in the exam. 

✅ You have a lot of questions you need answers for, but your faculty is really busy and you don't have anyone to ask.

✅ You’ve been considering signing up for a traditional live review but you know it’s going to be impossible to follow along and actually pay attention to a snooze boring presentation when someone talks to you for hours.

✅ You’ve tried other reviews, but their system was difficult to navigate and you were getting lost. You couldn’t login from multiple devices and some parts did not work well. 

After all these years in school, you want all of your hard work to pay off.

Even though you are doing your best, you still feel that you are not making enough progress.

You’ve started to feel lost and confused...

Almost feeling like a failure…

That’s so scary!

That’s why having the right resources to prepare for the boards is extremely important today.

If you don’t have them, chances are you are going to FAIL THE BOARDS

And that would be devastating.

Not only because your confidence will go down...

But also because you will have to spend more money and time to take the boards again.

What can you do to prepare and pass the National Boards?

How can you get all the support and guidance you need?

This is the answer to your question:

By choosing an All Inclusive review that you can follow and implement right away.

Here is exactly what you will need: 


ALL-INCLUSIVE: 4 weeks intensive LIVE courses + Book + Videos + Study Guides + Quizzes + Mock exams + much more for the National Dental Hygiene Board Review (NDHCE®)

What’s included?

1. The Summit

4 weeks of intensive Live Review Sessions, 4 times per year: Jan, Mar, May & Sept.

Join the Summit that suits you best, or all of them!

➡️ Each Summit edition includes 9 Live Sessions exclusively designed to be short and effective. (2-3h duration). 

➡️  Your retention and confidence will increase with Wakeup Memory™ techniques. You will maintain your focus and LEARN as you go. 

Get to know our state-of-the-art format:  

⏰ Strong start! You will learn a story or case study on the most difficult subjects. 

⏰ Next! 5-7 minutes of content. You will pick up the most important concepts quickly.

 Time to practice! True/False, multiple-choice, fill in the blank… With our targeted questions, you will process 100% of the information you’ve just learned. 

 Rewind! Refresh your memory with a recap before the final quiz! 

 Final Quiz! Kahoots, Quizlet live, jeopardy, and many more. You will cement all concepts in your brain while having fun!

9 major subjects that you absolutely need to know to PASS 

➡️ You will master the most difficult subjects that you need for the exam, including how to apply your knowledge to case studies.

➡️  You will go from “what the heck is this” to “I’m the queen of pharmacology” before you know it.

🦷 These are the topics you’re going to conquer very soon: 

  • Pathology / Microbiology / Immunology 
  • Periodontology
  • Instrumentation / Infection Control
  • Radiology 
  • Community Dentistry
  • Pharmacology 
  • Medical Conditions / Special Needs 
  • Head & Neck and Dental Anatomy

💯 Calibrated faculty and materials

▶️  Every single faculty follows the same style and format. 

▶️  You will finally get the consistency that you are looking for (no other live review gives you that!)

▶️  Our approachable faculty will guide you and hold your hand through each and every step. 

▶️  The Summit Live Sessions are interactive. Our faculty are not just talking at you! You are the hero and that’s why you will have plenty of space to get your questions answered live.

🎥 FREE Recordings 

▶️  Other live reviews will charge you for recordings. We don’t!

▶️  Refresh what you’ve learned during the live sessions on your own time.

▶️  100% FREE and unlimited replays. 


🧠 The Summit Worksheets - Guided Note taking!  

▶️  The foolproof way to stay organized. 

▶️  You will get immediate access to 8 exclusive worksheets that you can use to take notes during the live sessions.

▶️  Each worksheet contains a step-by-step guide to help you write your notes fast and with no gaps.

▶️  You will pinpoint what concepts you need help with and use them during the week to study and refresh what you’ve learned. 

Did you know that we are the ONLY board review that offers customized, targeted handouts?

✍️ Live Quizzes  

▶️  With our quizzes and games, your retention will increase by 90%. 

▶️  You’ll cement all concepts in your brain almost effortlessly while having fun.

▶️  You will boost your confidence and knowledge one quiz at a time. 

🧠 WakeUp Memory™ techniques

▶️  The times when you used to feel like there's a hole in your brain are gone.

▶️  You will double your brain power and score higher, faster.

▶️  Included in all live review sessions. 

▶️  Learn from our examples and make your own. Once you know how to use memory techniques your life will change forever. 

What’s The Summit Live Review 2023 Schedule?

Total of 30 Hours of High-Yield Content Review | LIVE | via Zoom

Sessions on Tuesdays & Saturdays:

💻 Tuesday Afternoon [3 hours]: 4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST 

💻 Saturday Morning [3 hours]: 8am PST | 9am MST | 10am CST | 11am EST 

🗓️ Winter 2023: January 3, 2023 - January 28, 2023

🗓️ Spring 2023: May 2, 2023 - May 30, 2023

🗓️ Fall 2023: September 5 - October 3, 2023

Case Studies
Bonus Session!
12.13.22  (Tue, 4 pm PST)
Head & Neck Anatomy
Bonus Session!
12.20.22   (Tue, 4 pm PST)
1.3.23  (Tue, 4 pm PST) 
Instrumentation & Infection Control
1.7.23 (Sat, 8 am PST) 
1.10.23 (Tue, 4 pm PST) 
Medical Conditions and Special Needs
1.14.23 (Sat, 8 am PST) 
Oral Pathology
1.17.23 (Tue, 4 pm PST) ) 
Dental Hygiene Process of Care
1.21.23 (Sat, 8 am PST) 
Community Dentistry & Research Principles 
1.24.23 (Tue, 4 pm PST)  
1.28.23 (Sat, 8 am PST) 

Attend as many times as you would like. 

And when you register for the VIP package, you get IMMEDIATE access to the previous SUMMIT LIVE recordings. No need to wait, start studying right away.

2. Review book 

The most acclaimed review book in the market directly shipped to you.

The entire book is made in a checklist so that you can keep track of what you know 

Full color print + Study planner + WakeUp Memory™ + Bonus quizzes included for FREE!

3. Study guides with videos 

➡️  Everything you need to know for the boards is here.

➡️  Content is organized in bullet point format with highlighted keywords. You won’t miss any important concepts. Guaranteed. 

➡️  FREE and unlimited video replays.

➡️  Track your progress with our checkmark system. Never lose track of your progress. When you log back in you know exactly where you left off.

4. Practice Questions 

Over 5000 questions of the Dental Hygiene National Boards that rotate 

Increase retention with our exclusive sets of True/False and Multiple choice questions 

Get immediate feedback with detailed explanations of ALL answer choices. 

5. Full Mock exams with timer 

➡️  The foolproof way to practice the real format.

➡️  NDHCE mock: 4 sessions, 350 questions.

Other reviews may tell you that they have more mock exams, but they are not full mocks and they don’t have a timer.

6. WakeUp Memory™ techniques 

Memory is required in every single exam question and is the basis of critical thinking. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Learn from our examples and make your own.

You will double your brain power and score higher, faster! 

Did you know that Claire (Founder of StudentRDH) is a memory champion and has been coaching about the brain for two decades?

7. Access special Web Conferences 

You will get special invitations to web conferences and live group studies:

➡️  Anxiety management 

➡️  Latest boards updates

➡️  Tips to score higher

And more!

8. Bonus courses! 

Course: Implementing the AAP Classifications: A Hygienist's Guide to Case Staging and Grading.

  • Access the 2017 AAP Periodontal Classifications! 
  • Discover 7 steps to promote patient compliance with treatment recommendations while increasing productivity.
  • Learn how to discuss DNA testing, chairside microscope education, and laser implementation.

Course: Interview Skills for the Dental Professional 

  • Discover the secret of having a successful interview.
  • Learn our unique 8-step process to crush your interview and get your dream job before you know it.

Everything you need to PASS the boards is right here at your fingertips!

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How does it work?

✅ Once you sign up you will get immediate access to the entire VIP Package.

As a VIP member, you can join ANY Summit of your choice, or all of them.

✅  The Summit Live Review Sessions can be joined at any time so you don't need to wait until the next round to purchase and join in

✅  Live sessions take place on Tuesdays & Saturdays for a period of 4 weeks. 

✅  You will find the links to register for the live sessions in your Dashboard.

  Twice Weekly you'll join the live sessions and follow along with your worksheet. 

✅  You can ask questions and get answers live! 

✅  During the week you can refresh what you’ve learned, continue reviewing with your online study guides, videos, mock exams and quizzes.

✅  The book will be shipped to you within 7 days of sign-up.

What Students Say

Get freedom from study anxiety - It’s not too late!

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Live Review VS StudentRDH VIP Package

Frequently Asked Questions

💭 Is it a large investment?

This is the most ambitious and advanced NBDHE® review that we have developed to date.

It is completely different from other reviews.

We are not the cheapest in the market because we prioritize quality

This All-Inclusive VIP Package has unique features that you won’t find anywhere else: 

  As a VIP member you can join ANY Summit of your choice, or all of them. That's 96 hours of Live Review + personalized support!

 FREE access to the live sessions recordings. Unlimited replays. (no other review gives you that!).

 Direct access to calibrated faculties. You know how important it is to get consistency in style, content, and support. Otherwise, things can get very confusing!

 You get 8 worksheets that you can print out and use to take notes and refresh what you’ve just learned.

 StudentRDH has been proven by thousands of testimonials to be the best. 99% success rate maintained throughout the years.  

 Our unique content is constantly updated using the most up-to-date resources so that you can always get the latest information. Not every review out there update its content on a regular basis.

Writing the board exam is one of the most challenging things you'll ever have to go through. And after all the work you've put into dental hygiene school, you can't afford to fail.

But if you do, you get a FREE extension until you pass (even if it takes years) or a full refund. 

Nobody else gives you this guarantee.

💭 Why if I’m not available to attend all sessions?

We get it, life gets in the way sometimes.

That’s why you’ll have FREE access to all Live Sessions recordings. You can watch them on your own time and ask any questions you may have.

The recordings will be updated with each edition so you can watch the most recent ones directly from your StudentRDH account.

We’ll look after you!

💭 Why are you only covering 9 subjects?

Great question! The reason is simple: We are covering the most critical subjects for the boards. 

Those that you absolutely need to master if you want to pass your exam.

But not only that.

These topics are the ones that students struggle the most with. They are very difficult, and therefore they bring up a lot of questions. 

We know this from our experience and from students who have taken the boards. 

The other subjects are more manageable and we know that you don’t have time to waste! 

💭 How long is the membership valid for?

It’s 6 months from the date of purchase and you can request a FREE extension. 

💭 If I join now, which Summit am I allowed to attend? 

As a VIP member you can join any Summit of your choice or all of them! For example, if you take the boards in May you may choose to attend March or if you want to start early you can start from January!

💭 Will the VIP Package or The Summit help me if I'm a Canadian student?

YES for sure! The topics presented also correspond to the Canadian boards.

💭 When will I receive the book?

Books are shipped daily! Once we have your address information, an order for shipping will be placed immediately.

Please allow 10 business days for the book to reach you. If you would like to request expedited shipping, please email and you will receive an invoice for the increased cost of shipping.

Due to COVID-19, shipping carriers are unable to guarantee arrival timelines. While we work to get shipments processed as quickly as possible, once it is received by the carrier we can only uphold their guarantee.

💭  I have other questions and I can't find the answer on the website.

We're here to help! Send us an email at and we will take care of you.

The VIP Package will completely transform the way you prepare for the Boards.

Your chances of passing the boards will double. Jump at this opportunity like your future depends on it.

If you want to PASS the NDHCE® and get the guidance you need, confirm your spot now!

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