Get ready to PASS the NDHCE® 

Why is the mock exam so important?

- You improve your knowledge: Testing yourself is one of the best ways to improve your memory and recall information. You need to train your brain for the exam!

- You build confidence: You get a real feel for what taking the NDHCE® will be like. You'll get used to how it feels to take a computerized exam and you learn how to structure your time appropriately. And that reduces your pre-exam anxiety!

- You get a dose of reality: Some students may feel overconfident because they did very well in school. But taking the boards is a different story. By practicing the mock exam you can find out ahead of time if you need to improve your performance!

With StudentRDH you get the REAL practice you need.

  • Additional 200 questions
  • Case studies with images, charts, profile and radiographs
  • Countdown timer - just like the real boards.
  • Tabs to view images, charts, profile and radiographs
  • Community testlets

This additional mock will make the real exam less daunting and you'll feel more confident!