The ONLY course that helps you IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY in dental hygiene

Do you want to improve your memory and pass the exams?

If you feel like you have a hole in your brain, you are not alone. Erasing information in the brain is actually a natural process that your body needs to survive. If you remembered everything, life would also NOT be fun. But if you are trying to pass the exams (NBDHE, NDHCE, school exams etc.), you need a SOLUTION.

Are you A or B?

  • A: Not a good sign
  • B: You are supercharged

Study tricks StudentRDH Dental Hygiene Exam Prep

You have 3 options

  • Keep studying feeling you have a hole in your brain
  • Try to improve on your own
  • Take our MEMORY IMPROVEMENT course (uses the WMT technique)


Do I really need this?

It's up to you to decide. There is nothing to lose here. This small action of taking the memory improvement course can help you double your productivity! 

If you don't, I am sure that you are going to be ok. How big is your risk tolerance? In case you fail the dental hygiene board exams, you can experience:

  • Discouragement
  • Delay in licensing
  • Delay in getting hired
  • Salary less than your peers

You are a motivated person and you NEED to pass the dental hygiene national boards.


Proven to work

We are not making this up! See this YouTube video we created using our WMT (WakeUp Memory Technique). A viewer left us a nice, sweet, and short comment!

StudentRDH memory technique course for the dental hygiene exams

You may still have reservations. It's normal because NO other dental hygiene exam prep solution has ever done this. But Claire (Founder of StudentRDH) is super passionate about the brain and efficiency. So she created this specific course for the dental hygiene student.


If you feel the hole in your memory, you will panic

It will be a big relief! Then you can focus on other important areas of your life such as family, National boards, school work, etc. Ask yourself if it is worth the anxiety. Imagine that you go in the middle of the exam and see this word "Hydrochlorothiazide" and you cannot remember which type of classification of hypertension drugs it belonged to.

You want to prevent everything that can be a hurdle to your success. If you are serious about feeling the JOY after you pass the dental hygiene board exams, maybe this course is for you.

Discover the awesomeness that is ready for you.

What you will learn

The course is divided into sections:

1. How your memory works - Understand your brain to awaken its potential

  • Why does your brain erase memories?
  • How do you connect the short memory to the long memory?
  • How did our ancestors remember things (before the invention of Google)

2. Simple word/concept

  • E.g., the cusp of Carabelli is present on... (which tooth)
  • Carbocaine is the brand name for mepicavaine

3. Group of words/concept

  • Drugs that are amides vs esters
  • Drugs that causes gingival hyperplasia

4. Numbers

  • How many cranial bones do you have?
  • What is the largesnt cranial bone?

5. Order/sequence

  • Depolarization process of a nerve
  • Sequence to make alginate

Satisfaction or money back guarantee

If you feel like the course was NOT helpful, no problem! Email us and you will get a full refund! It's that simple.

Enjoy the videos

The entire course is created on videos. Hear Claire talk and go through real examples that are directly applicable to your dental hygiene career.

Each video is 3-20 minutes long. They are extremely focused on your needs as a test-taker. No fluff!

How much is the package?

  • The full package is $69! 

  • There is no comparison because there is no other option out there!

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