What review courses are available?

StudentRDH.ca currently offers programs for the: 

How long will I have access to the review programs?

The Success Premium Package is valid for 6 months, the Basic Package is for 5 months, the Local Anesthesia, and the OSCE/CSCE is for 2 months.

How many times can I take the quiz and mock exam?

You can re-take all quizzes and the mock exam as many times as you like. You can keep practicing until you get everything perfectly!

Is this for the US or Canadian exam?

StudentRDH works for both US (NBDHE) and Canada (NDHCE) national boards. We made sure all notes, quizzes, and mock exam content are applicable for both exams.

If you're writing the American Boards, make sure to sign up for the NBDHE board review through our American website: https://www.studentrdh.com/collections

I see a lot of US references. Are those applicable for Canada?

Dental information is generally the same for US and Canada. Sources such as the ADA (American Dental Association), CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) are used in both countries.

Is there an app version of StudentRDH?

There is no app version. StudentRDH is an online platform (browser-based) that adapts to phone and tablet screens. If you prefer to use your phone or tablet, no problem - just use your favorite mobile browser to access your StudentRDH content. In fact, 50% of students use StudentRDH on their phones.

TIP: If you are doing the timed mock exam, we recommend that you use your computer to recreate the "big day" experience!

Do you guarantee that I'll pass?

Our promise to you is that everything you get from StudentRDH will be 100% useful. If you are not satisfied with the program within 3 days after your purchase, we will refund the full amount minus a processing fee that is dictated by the payment processor.

If you fail, you can get a FREE extension of the program for as long as you need to pass the dental hygiene boards. Don't be afraid to ask!

Refund Policy

If you fail the exam, you can ask for an extension of your materials and request extra support regarding additional available resources.

Refunds are not provided for failed exams as of 8/14/2021.

To claim a refund for another reason, please email us at support@studentrdh.com and let us know your reason.

Please note that you must claim a refund within 3 days of the purchase date or you will not get a refund.

Who created StudentRDH?

StudentRDH was created and founded by Claire Jeong, MS, RDH and Dr. Delphine Jeong, DMD. Various Dental Hygiene and Medicine professionals contributed to writing and reviewing all program notes, quizzes, and mock exam content. Click here to learn more.

Sign Up Information

How do I sign up for a free trial?

Please go to "All Courses" and click on the National Dental Hygiene Board Exam (NBDHE/NDHCE).  The entire chapters of Pharmacology and Medical Emergencies are FREE for three days. Simply click on sign up to get access.

I just signed up for the free trial. How do I access it?

Sign in to your StudentRDH account. You will automatically be redirected to the Dashboard where you will find the two trial courses (Medical Emergencies and Pharmacology). Click on "Start Course" and you are good to go!

The quizzes and sample mock exam are located at the bottom of each chapter (e.g., Medical Emergencies quizzes under Medical Emergencies chapter)

How do I access my account?

Find "Sign In" at the top right corner, then type in your Username/Email and Password, and voila!

When should I receive the book included in the Success Package?

Book shipments are prepared on business days only (M-F) for the following week, and then are shipped once weekly on Mondays. 

Orders occurring on the weekend will ship on the second Monday following the order to allow time to prepare the shipment.

Please allow 10 business days for the shipment of your book. If you would like to request expedited shipping, please email support@studentrdh.com and you will receive an invoice for the increased cost in shipping.

Due to COVID-19, shipping carriers are unable to guarantee arrival timelines. While we work to get shipments processed as quickly as possible, once it is received by the carrier we can only uphold their guarantee.

Technical Questions

How can I change my password? / I forgot my password!

Find "Sign In" and click on "Forgot Password?" Enter the email you signed up with and we will send you the instructions. 

How come I don't have access to the program that I purchased?

First, make sure that you are already signed in. Still can't find your course content? Please send us an email at support@studentrdh.com including a screenshot of your dashboard and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I share my StudentRDH program with my classmates?

No. One user = one account. If you share your account/program with others, the course statistics (review, quiz or mock exam status, etc.) will be inaccurate and hurt your studying.

Sharing one account is strictly prohibited. If such activity is discovered, the account will be shut down, without notice and redemption. All progress will be lost and no refund will be provided.

If you have 10+ friends who are interested in StudentRDH, you can apply for a discount. Email us at support@studentrdh.com to discuss the options!

Can you extend my membership?

We will try our best, at no cost. Please send your request at support@StudentRDH.com or let us know using our contact form (located in the bottom right corner of any page in StudentRDH). 

Can I repurchase the program because I pushed back my exam date?

We could reopen the program you purchased for a short period once you are ready to review for your exam at NO COST. Just let us know. If you want to restart from the beginning after your program expires, yes, you can repurchase it.

I still have questions. Help!

Ask us anything using our contact form (located in the bottom right corner of any page in StudentRDH) or email us at support@StudentRDH.com.