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    “All praise to God It’s a pass. I cannot thank Claire enough for the kindness she shows through her attitude to everyone, it’s not easy to reply to everyone for their concerns and solve everyone’s problems and in my case she has been great great help, and by making student rdh she actually made us a tool to pass the exam, May God bless her for this. I am an extremely anxious person when it comes to preparing for exam, and that’s why I was thinking all the time maybe student rdh is not enough and I would need to study from else where too, but Claire has full confidence on her program and she is correct,believe me it was student rdh that helped me the most,it’s extremely organized, and perfect amount of literature needed. I would set target every day and at the end managed to go through the program 3 times before exam.l, each time I would revise I would learn something new that I had missed before. The memory technique Claire teaches has changed my life for ever, I used to make mnemonics only , now I make pictures too, and a story ,and believe me learning through this technique makes a huge difference.”

    Aamina G Mannan

    “This is the ONLY thing I really studied for the boards, and I do not regret it! I passed my first time. It is so organized and only gives you the important information necessary to pass. I would recommend this to any Hygiene student!”

    Lindsey Basil

    “If you want to pass, you have to study from StudentRDH. Very simple, and easy to understand. I recently presented the dental hygiene national board and yesterday I received the best news of my life, I passed my exam!!! I would like to thank Claire and her team for such an awesome review.”

    Sebastian Lopera

    “Student RDH review helped a lot when studying for the national board exam. I planned out my studying with the help of Claire's study guide. She helped define my strengths and weaknesses and from there I was able to conquer my weaknesses first. It took me about 2-3 days to cover a topic and go through each quiz. I was thankful for this information and also follow what she bolds in the review. I would definitely recommend student RDH to any one taking the board exam :) ! Good luck!”

    Luisa Ramos

    “I just want to THANK StudentRDH for such an amazing program. I am so glad I decided to invest in the program because it helped me pass my national board exam. I LOVE the way Claire organized every section, it helped me stayed focused and organized. I truly recommend StudentRDH. Thanks again Claire for being so brilliant and coming up with great ideas to help students study for their board exams. You made it easy and fun!!”

    Evelyn Balan de Gonzalez

    “StudentRDH was EXTREMELY helpful when studying and preparing for the national board!! It helped me feel more confident and calm when taking my exam! I definitely will recommend StudentRDH to everyone! It outlined everything in a format that was very easy to navigate and understand! Thank you!!!”

    Victoria McCarson

    “Student RDH is the best !!!. i only studied student RDH for my Canadian dental hygiene national boards and passed !!! i am studying it again for my American dental hygiene national boards .Claire is so understanding , she responds to emails in less than 24 hours . I would recommend Student Rdh to all future Rdh. I am that girl that never writes reviews but i have to do this, cause i want other future Rdh to do well after all the stress and hassles in dental hygiene school. P.S make sure you take all the test and mock exams repeatedly .They were very helpful.”

    Phina Bina

    The mock exam gave me the extra confidence I needed before taking the national board exam. I really liked how it was structured like the actual national exam and timed. I was able to focus more on my laptop or iPad than I would have been flipping through a review book. I am the type of student that really needs to put in the study hours and keep myself organized and this was another great tool to help me do that.  

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