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Local Anesthesia Boards Review at StudentRDH

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1️⃣  Study Guides 📖

📚 7 Essential Chapters: Covering all must-know content.

🎯 24 Critical Topics: Includes Injection Techniques, MRDs, Vasoconstrictors.

🚀 Straight to the Point: Only what you need to know, no fluff!

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2️⃣ Practice Qs 🗒️ 

📝 Sample Board Questions: Practice for the Local Anesthesia exams.

⚡ Immediate Feedback: Detailed explanations for all answer choices provided.

🧮 50+ Calculation Questions: Sharpen your numerical skills for the exam!

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 3️⃣ Mock Exams⏳

🚀 Mock Exam Format: Mimicking the Local Anesthesia Board Exam.

⏰ Countdown Timer: Experience real exam time pressure.

📚 Questions with Timer: Efficient practice for your review!

*Included in your Local Anesthesia Boards Review at StudentRDH

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Incredibly helpful reviews, I especially loved the Local Anesthesia review, which covered everything! Student RDH was also very understanding of my cancelled exams during COVID and gave me multiple extensions to ensure I was able to study as much as much as possible!
I used studentRDH to study for my local anesthesia exam and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The study material is easy to understand and remember. It breaks down information very well and the quizzes are great. Love how the mock exam simulates the actual test. The same types of questions even appeared on the actual exam. I would highly recommend this course!
StudentRDH saved my butt!! Everything that was included in the information provided was on my local anesthesia written exam. I channeled Claire's WakeUp Memory the whole time and was even inspired to come up with my own wake up memory techniques that helped me so much. I got a 98% on my written anesthesia exam I MISSED ONE QUESTION ONLY!!!! All thanks to StudentRDH

Everything you need to pass the Local Anesthesia Boards! 🎓💡

🚀 Local Anesthesia Boards Review
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📘 High-Yield Concepts

📚 24 essential local anesthesia topics 🌟

🎓 Practice Questions

🎯 Immediate-feedback for questions 🚀

🔢 Calculation Mastery

Master 50+ calculation questions 💪🎓

🕵️‍♀️ Mock Exam

⏲️ Timed mock exams 🎯

🚀 6 Months

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