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NDHCE Book + Top 150 Drugs Booklet

📚 Condensed straight-to-the-point information: We've removed all the unnecessary fluff, so you can stay laser-focused on just what you need to know.

Organized study and note taking: Use our checkmark system to maximize efficiency and make notes on the side.  

Extra quizzes: Test your knowledge with our end-of-chapter quizzes to ensure you've truly mastered the subject matter. 

Top 150 drugs to master pharmacology: Pharmacology is one of the most important and challenging topics, so we put extra emphasis on mastering this topic. 

Summit Recordings + LIVE

2024 Dates:
  • January 2, 3, 4, 5
  • March 9, 10, 16, 17 
  • 🖥️ Join our 10 LIVE-online sessions: Includes case studies, workbooks, and answer keys, plus a LIVE Q&A. Our structured approach ensures that you master case studies effectively. 

    Access 2023 recordings: If you want to get started right away and not wait for the live sessions, you can start immediately! 

    📚 Topics covered: Head and neck anatomy, oral pathology, instrumentation + infection control, periodontology, dental hygiene process of care, radiology, medical conditions + special needs, community + research principles, and pharmacology. 
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    Write your awesome label here.

    On-Demand Review

    🌟 Quiz-centric review: 5000+ questions to master every topic covered on the NDHCE. 

    🧠 Quizzes for all levels: We put 1000+ hours of work into re-creating the best practice questions, whether you want to test knowledge, application, or critical thinking. 

    💡 Mock examinations: Practice with a 350, 8-hour exam to simulate the real thing. 

    📱 Study on-the-go with our online platform and app: Seamlessly integrate studying into your busy schedule and learn wherever you are! 

    VIP Exclusive

    🌟 Memory Techniques Workshops: 4X Your memory with Claire.

    🎥 Case Study Workshops: Get the case study framework and practice with our faculties.

    💡 Study Techniques Webinars: Time management, note taking, etc.

    🔄 Test-Taking Skills Webinar: 5 Tips to maximize your score.

    🚀 NDHCE Updates: We keep you updated with the latest info.

    💊 Top 150 Drugs Quiz: 500 Qs + WakeUpMemory™.

    💡Post-Assessment: 17 Chapters + 400 questions to know if you are ready to take the NDHCE.

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